COVID19/Corona Virus Guidelines for Nova Members and Cyclists

Government regulations as of 29th March 2021.
  • You can ride as part of your daily exercise.
  • You can ride in groups of up to six riders.
  • You can ride in groups of up to 15 in organised club rides or organised events
  • You must obey social distancing rules with other road users and pedestrians.
Note that club events can take place and Harrogate Nova is promoting the evening TT league for its members and members of MoonGlu.
Harrogate Nova is currently organising set club rides on a Saturday morning and Tuesday night (see forum and Strava club), only sanctioned, organised rides can have up to 15 people. Members are free to organise their own rides of up to 6 people.
Should this change this page will be updated.


When Can We Ride?

General Government COVID-19 Guidelines
British Cycling’s Guideline are very helpful and clear with regards to cycling specifically.



A warm welcome from Harrogate Nova, Harrogate’s oldest Cycling Club.

Anyone joining a Harrogate Nova club ride is expected to abide by the Highway Code, ride responsibly and sensibly. Riders are responsible for their own safety and must ride in a manner that is safe for themselves, other riders and road users.

Club Events

The club organises a number of races and events throughout the year.  Harrogate Nova has been a long standing organiser of the reliability ride series and also arranges Open Time Trials, British Cycling Road Races and Cyclocross Races.  Please see the Promoted Events Page for more details.

Evening Time Trial League

From Spring to Autumn there is a weekly evening time trial league which is kindly supported by Beech House Dental Practice of Ripon.  The evening league is very popular.  There are a variety of courses ranging from flat speed courses to more challenging hilly events.  The back end of the season includes a trio of hill climbs based on Norwood, Darley and the Scar House private road. Please note that this series is only open to first claim and existing second claim members.

Members also participate collectively in other events around the UK and Europe, both on and off road. All events can be found in the Events section. A Time Trial Guide can be found here

Membership and contact

If you’d like to know more about the club or if you’re interested in joining us please see the membership info available here.

Harrogate Nova CC Privacy Policy

For Junior enquiries contact coaching.
For official communications contact the club secretary Club Secretary.
For member’s access to the forum contact forum.