Nova Club Run 29 May

Anyone participating in a club ride, whether a club member or not, must abide by the Highway Code, ride responsibility, sensibly and respect other road users at all times. Please remember your behaviour on the bike reflects on the club, even if other road users don't share the same courtesy to you.

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Nova Club Run 29 May

Post by MCullen » Thu May 27, 2021 8:51 pm

Good day Athletes

Rumour from the Nova peloton this week is that the Nova riders were so quick during last weeks Struggle that they stopped for lunch and went on an open bus tour of Masham before getting back on and taking course records. Chapeau to all the Nova riders who rode so well.

Please join us for this Saturdays Nova Club Run, its looking like a belter of a day!

As usual, there will be a few Groups:

- The Nova Train: Speed, attacking and pain is what its all about on the Train. Rumour has it they know each other and occasionally speak during the ride. 24+mph over a flattish route like this. Normally a drop ride. The price of the ticket to get on board is Pain and Suffering.

- B1,2,3 - various grades 16,18, 20+mph. The Bs are generally non-drop but if you are holding the overall group pace back, please drop back to a slower group behind you.

Each Group will appoint a Group Captain (GC) on the morning, please support your GC on the ride as they govern pace etc.

Whilst BC Regs say 15 riders are permitted under C-19 restrictions, that still looks a lot in todays climate so could you please bear this in mind on the morning as Joe Public doesn't know BC regs.

As always, could be dropped, but no snot please!

We warmly welcome non Nova riders and if you like the rides, banter and pace etc, please do consider joining our club to support its overall development.

Have a great ride.


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