Nova Juniors – Summer racing update

Nova Juniors – Summer Update

Nova juniors have been racing hard in an action packed summer as part of the White Rose Youth League.

Racing takes place locally at the Boddington and York Sport cycle tracks.

Round 1 – Boddington Track

This race produced some fantastic results for Nova

In the U8s Orla Hamilton finished in a fantastic 2nd place.
Cormac Denwood rode strongly to finish 5th in the U10s
5 boys took part in the extremely competitive U12s race
Mark Ketteringham 3rd
James Beagley 4th
Magnus Denwood 5th
Charlie Hobson 15th
Zayn Law 16th

Round 2 – York Sport Track

Cormac Denwood finished solidly to take 5th in the U10s

The U12s race again produced some brilliant results
Mark Ketteringham 2nd
James Beagley 6th
Magnus Denwood 9th
Zayn Law 14th
Charlie Hobson 15th

Ride of the evening went to Jasmine Hobson, who has only been riding for a few months. Jasmine raced for the first time in the U14 girls and came in an amazing 10th place. Well done Jasmine!

Round 3 – Boddington Track

Cormac Denwood had a great race to finish 2nd in the U10s

The U12 boys was once again hotly contested
Mark Ketteringham 3rd
James Beagley 5th
Magnus Denwood 11th
Charlie Hobson 13th

Round 4 – York Sport

Another strong results for Cormac Denwood finishing 2nd

In the U12s, Mark Ketteringham in his first year of this category took and impressive win. This was followed up by more strong riding from James Beagley in 5th, Mangus Denwood in 10th.

Round 5 – Boddinton Track

In the U10s Cormac Denwood once again fimished in the top five taking 4th place.

Only two boys raced in this round in the U12s category. Mark Ketteringham taking 2nd and Charlie Hobson 9th.

Jasmine Hobson again impressed in the U14 girls taking 7th place.


With three more events to go in the league the juniors will without doubt continue to race strongly and produce more great results for Harrogate Nova – keep going!


British Cycling Grass track Regional Championships – 15th July 2019

It was a lovely sunny evening for the British Cycling Grass track Regional Championships held at Roundhay Park. Mark Ketteringham was competing in the U12 boys races. The evening compromised of 3 events, a one lap sprint, three lap pursuit and finally a 4 lap scratch race.

Mark started off with a strong ride in the Sprint to take the win. Next was the pursuit race where a number of riders are positioned at start points around the track. Each rider has to ride 3 laps as quickly as they can. Mark looked solid and smooth throughout which paid off as he achieved the fastest time.

Onto the final event, a four lap scratch race. All riders start together in a rolling start. The race, as usual started at a fast pace for the first lap but then settled into a slightly more moderate pace for the second and third. The bell lap and inevitably the pace picked up. Mark attacked with just over half a lap to go and managed to hold off the other riders to take the win.

Mark was awarded the gold medal and is the British Cycling U12 boys Grass track Regional Champion.

Well done Mark! A fantastic achievement