Ride For Ian


To you all,

What can I say but a massive, massive thank you to press we have raised a staggering £8k so thank you on behalf of John, Fiona, Jamie and Ross they are touched by your well wishes and fantastic generosity.


As many of you now know, I pedalled out of the garage 4.30am Sunday 23 October in Scotton and as you can see from the photos it went pretty well averaging 19.3mph which meant I arrived in Didmarton after 220 miles to a superb welcome of bugle horns and cheers outside Iain’s home at exactly 6.00pm feeling elated but shattered after a total ride time 11hrs 20 mins and 7,630 calories burned.

I was looking forward to diving into the spread the family and friends put on and joining the boys for a beer but all I could muster for a good while was a glass of water.  Thankfully I managed to stay on course for all but 6 miles or so and the support team of helpers who came out en route to feed me, top my bottles up and serve a coffee were spot on as were the patrons of the Blacksmith’s Arms, Barwell south of Leicester who chipped in and donated with an impromptu whip round during my lunch stop.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

And a final thanks to Tony who joined me on the bike for the last 37 miles from Stow on the Wold to Didmarton, who dragged me over the last few climbs and helped maintain a good pace home.  His company and wheel to follow was most welcome.

It was extremely hard and on the cold, dark, rain soaked roads, the first 3.5hrs hours were far from pleasant but once the sun came up the messages I  received along the way kept me going.  The last 22 miles to Stowe circa 190 miles (my final pit stop) were brutal and probably the longest 22 miles I’ve ever ridden but a pasty in Tesco car park put me right for the final leg.  The crowdfunding page will remain open for the time being and I will let you know our final tally (which looks likely to go well over £8k) but for now thanks for all the support.  The Garmin link gives you my data for the ride for those interested.