Nova’s Tony Bradley returns from France in memory of his friend

Tony Bradley

A Harrogate Nova Rider (Tony Bradley) who now lives in Provence France has decided to fly back to the UK to take part  in the year’s Fred Whitton Challenge  that will be staged on the 8th of May 2016.

Tony decided to enter the event following the recent death of a former work colleague and friend, Ian Long, who he worked with whilst in Harrogate with the Yorkshire Regional Heath Authority and DSSR .

Ian sadly passed away this year on January the 7th.

Tony first met Ian when he went to work for the Yorkshire Regional Health Authority in 1987; subsequently he was with Ian during his time at DSSR in Harrogate. In total they worked together for 17 years.

Tony said: “When I heard that Ian had passed away my first thought was “I owe that man so much.” I knew that I was am indebted to him, together with Ken Taylor and Denis Bastow, for their guidance through my formative years in a design office and subsequently when working for them as a part of their Teams. Without them a lot of what I have manged to achieve would simple not have happened.”

Tony Continued “Ian was a great bloke; he was a superb Dad to his two children Alison and Sarah and to Lesley a wonderful Husband who is greatly missed.

Tony intends riding in Ian’s memory, not to collect a huge amount of money for the two charities that have been chosen as beneficiaries (Harrogate Hospice and Macmillan Nurse.) What he would like to do is get as many people as possible to sponsor him for £1. His target is 500 people.

Tony’s aim is to try and contact anyone that may have worked, or known Ian in any capacity or himself (Tony Bradley  and he is not bothered if you liked or disliked him hated him or were totally ambivalent towards him,)  please could you sponsor him for £1 (more if they wish) in memory of Ian, that’s all.

Two just giving account has been set up by Alison (Ian’s daughter) so that anyone who wishes to can make a donation. and  (simple chose which Charity you would like to support.

Tony’s intention is to ride this sportive in Ian’s memory and if he can manage to get 500 people to just say “yes I remember Ian” and give him a quid it may just mean that Ian’s family realise that their Dad, Grandad and Husband really was a Wonderful man, not just to them, but to a lot of people, many of whom they will never have known.

Many Thanks



Tony Bradley.