Trophy winners 2017

List of club records and who holds what trophies for this year.
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Trophy winners 2017

Post by duncan » Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:54 am

Sportive Trophy (Male) - Andrew Stringer
Sportive Trophy (Female) - Jennifer Watson

Cyclo Cross Trophy - Dave Morris

Scarhouse Dam Trophy - Matthew Mullier Improvement of 2m 32s
(most improved rider on last year

Jowett Cup (most improved ride - Roger Bromiley Actual Time 23.21
in Club 10 from last year) (an improvement of 1m 08s

Women's 15 handicap Trophy - Corinne Mitchell Time 37.55 (02s deficit on last (most improved ride from last year) year)

Thew Cup (most improved ride in Roger Bromiley Actual time 57.47
Club 25 from last year) (an improvement of 2m 13s)

Hilly 19 Trophy - Duncan Mullier Time 39m 27s

Triangle Trophy - Duncan Mullier Time 26m 34s

100 mile Trophy - Duncan Mullier Time 3h 39m 38s
(this was a new club record beating the old one by 11m 46s)

Stefan Forge Memorial Cup - Greg Ketteringham
(most improved ride in Almscliffe Event
from last year)

Almscliffe Tankard - Greg Ketteringham

Almscliffe Crag Trophy - Harrogate Nova
(4 fastest runners v 4 fastest riders
on Handicap system)

Booth Cup - Duncan Mullier Time 50m 37s (club record)

Hill Climb Trophy - Jacob Vezey Time 5m 34s
(Norwood Edge)

Nidderdale Road Race Trophy - Tom Denwood He has obtained his 1st cat licence
(most points amassed in road races)

Points Trophy - Junior Coaching Team – Heather, Fran, Dave Burns
(contribution to Club)

Clarke Cup
(Fastest Juvenile 10 of the season) - A Hamshaw Time 27m 52s

Ladies BAR - Corinne Mitchell 25.26 mph
(Times 10m - 22m. 30s
25m - 59m. 21s
50m - 2hr 05m 47s

Raleigh Cup - Duncan Mullier 29.51 mph
(Short Distance BAR ) (Times 10m - 19m.28s
25m - 50m.37s
50m - 1h 46m 13s)

Veteran's BAR - Duncan Mullier (Times 25m - 50m 37s
50m - 1hr 46m 13s
100m - 3hr 39m 38s

Senior BAR - Mike Hutchings 20.90 mph
(Times 25m - 1hr 08m 17s
50m - 2hr 24m 05s
100m - 4hr 40m 38s
12 nr - 220.06m
Mike also rode a 24 hour event - 335.196m

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