Nova triumphs at 50th Anniversary Crag Race

<strong>Nova triumphs at 50th Anniversary Crag Race</strong>

23rd October 2022 – At this 50th Anniversary event, riders and runners battled through the rain to claim the crown of getting to, and from, Arncliffe Crag.  Runners, from Harrogate Harriers running club, went mainly cross-country as the crow flies from near the Squinting Cat Pub on Whinney Lane, to the top of the Crag and back.  Riders from Nova took the most direct route available:  Beckwithshaw -> North Rigdon -> Crag Lane, gave their bike to a waiting helper and ran to the top of the Crag, and back!

With the handicap being adjusted every year, making a competitive event between teams, Team Nova triumphed with the fastest aggregate time. The winning team of Rob Senior, Simon Ketteringham, and Tom Denwood clinched the iconic team trophy carved from oak, in the shape of the Crag. Tom also got fastest rider on the day, claiming the coveted tankard for a year; only 30 seconds or so off the record; not bad for a rainy day.

Roy Taylor, winner of the inaugural event 50 years ago, was at the finish to help riders celebrate and warm-up over coffee and chips, showing riders the Harrogate Advertiser clipping of that inaugural race.

Thank you to the riders, timekeepers, marshals, helpers and spectators: especially those that braved the conditions on the Crag! Here is to another 50 years…

Winning team (left to right: Tom Denwood, Rob Senior, Simon Ketteringham)

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