Elite troops storm the hill!

Event number 16 in the Beech House Dental Practice Time Trial League was the Darley Head Hill Climb, starting outside the now closed Darley Mill Centre and finishing at the summit, just before Prospect Farm. The climb involves 112 metres of ascent over the 1.1-mile distance starting with a steady incline up Darley Carr before ramping up significantly at Hardgroves Hill, then flattening out towards the finish line. The weather was ideal at around 18 degrees Celsius with a light breeze from the north-east. 13 riders signed on from Harrogate Nova and Moonglu. A squad of 4 youth riders from Nova were all vying for the win and in the end the results would be very close. In fact, only 30 seconds separated the top 6 riders. Not only that, there were 4 father/son battles also taking place. James Beagley took 1st place in a cracking time of 4:44 beating schoolboy Magnus Denning (4:47) by just 3 seconds. James won the hillclimb trophy and also broke the schoolboy record. 12 seconds after Magnus, came his father Tom Denwood in 4:59, for 3rd position. In 4th place was Rob Senior in 5:10 with youngster Tom Davey in 5th place at 5:13 beating dad Richard (5:42 & 9th). In 6th place was schoolboy Mark Ketteringham (5:14), beating dad Simon (in 8th place) by 15 seconds. In 7th place was Tommy Buckle (Nova) with 5:26, just over 1 minute ahead of dad, Richard (6:27). So, in the end it was definitely a night where youth triumphed over age and experience! Thanks go to Margaret and Vaughan Carswell for running the league, Rob Beagley for number taking and Duncan Mullier for managing the website. Next week’s event is the last event in the league, a 4-mile hill climb up to Scarhouse Dam near Lofthouse, Pateley Bridge, followed by lunch at How Stean Gorge Café. We hope to see you all there. Pictured is the winner James Beagley nearing the finish line and a group shot of all the riders.